What do I do with my old paint?

Call your municipal waste and recycling service provider to find out how to dispose of unused household hazardous wastes which includes paint. When you drop off your paint, encourage them to contact Calibre Environmental in order to recycle, rather than destroy post-consumer latex paint.
The City of Calgary is a leader in dealing with post-consumer paint in an environmentally friendly way. The City's Household Hazardous Waste program operates year-round chemical depots where residents can drop off unwanted paint and other chemicals. The paint is then delivered to Calibre Environmental for recycling of the latex paint and containers. For more information on the City of Calgary's program, visit http://www.calgary.ca/UEP/WRS/Pages/Waste-and-Recycling-Services.aspx?re...

* Not all latex paints are recyclable, the Recyclable Latex rate is granted only to good condition, recyclable latex paints in original container with original label.