How To Use

We’ve prepared some tips to help you with your next project using NatureSecret premium quality latex paint.  NatureSecret can be used on virtually any paintable surface, and provides exceptional durability and washability both indoors and out.

Purchasing NatureSecret Paint

NatureSecret Paint CanAs NatureSecret is a recycled product, there can be slight differences in colour/sheen between batches.  Be sure to purchase a sufficient supply of NatureSecret from the same batch to finish your project.  If this is not possible, and you must buy the same colour but from different batches, it is recommended that you mix the paint together first before applying to ensure a consistent colour throughout.

We’ve prepared this chart to help you decide how much paint you will need.


Preparing the Painting Surface

To ensure the best application of paint, preparing the surface that is to be painted is as important as the painting itself.  Before painting:

  • Repair any surface deficiencies with the appropriate patching compounds, and lightly sand the entire surface with 120 grit sandpaper.  Be sure to wipe the surface clean.
  • Previously painted glossy surfaces must be sanded to remove gloss before applying NatureSecret.
  • Prime certain surfaces with an appropriate primer before applying NatureSecret.   Bare substrates that are a hard or non-porous material – such as metal, vinyl, glass – must be sanded and primed before applying NatureSecret.
  • Prime new wood with appropriate wood primer.
  • NatureSecret is self-priming on clean, dry, porous substrates such as bare drywall, stucco, cinder block, vertical concrete, and weathered (aged) wood.
  • If the surface has visible stains, seal the affected area with a stain-blocking primer to prevent stains from bleeding through the paint.
  • Generally, follow all steps that you would take when applying any low-lustre water-based paint.


Painting and Painting Over Colours

  • NatureSecret paint can be applied to virtually any paintable surface using any of the brush, roller, or spray application methods.
  • Because of the high solids content of NatureSecret paint, you will find a single coat is often sufficient when painting over a similar colour.
  • If painting over a different colour, use two coats to ensure consistency of colour and to prevent the under-colour from showing through.
  • NatureSecret is dry to the touch after just one hour, ready for a second coat after two, and washable and scrubbable after 30 days.